May 2018

Posted by Karen Damskey on 5/1/2018 to Sweater of the Month
May is upon us, almost halfway through the year, hard to believe as much of the country is still waiting for spring to arrive.  My garden is starting to bloom, but once again without the tulips and freesias that are still in paper bags in the garage. I kept meaning to spend a few days with my hands in the soil, but fall passed and it didn’t happen.  Time seems to move so quickly.

In fact time is racing by at warp speed. I long for a few days to spend cleaning out my work-room, gardening or better still time to spend with loved ones. As the month of mothers unfolds I am struck by how much I wish I had had more time with mine. I hear many of you talking of your moms in their advanced years, working out new living accommodations and finding the time to fill their needs. I think you are so lucky.

You will not regret having this time, it is fleeting, like the bulbs in the garage, unless you take the time to plant and cultivate the relationship, you will regret not having spent that time. With the death of Barbara Bush, we were reminded of her famous commencement speech regarding how at the end of our lives we will not care whether we passed another test, or missed a day at work. We will regret not spending more time with the ones we love.

I always knit for my mother, it was my way of connecting with her and now when I knit, she is always with me. Those memories are a tapestry of a life that remains present with me.  I remember the Christmas Party she attended in 1972 with my Dad and the shawl I knit for her to wear. I remember the Velour Jacket I knit in 1986 that went everywhere with her and I remember her beautiful smile whenever she opened a hand made gift from me. These memories along with many
others are priceless.

Remember to plant the bulbs!

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