June 2018

Posted by Karen Damskey on 6/1/2018 to Sweater of the Month
Celebration time! Summer kicks off this month and we are looking forward to one filled with knitting events. Many think that because it’s summer, knitting is dead. Nonsense. This is the best time to knit and don’t leave home without it.

As travel gears up, so do long waits in airports.  You can feel extra smug when you glance around at fellow travelers with looks of stress on their faces as they watch thunderstorms delay them in Chicago, flight cancellations in New York and boredom on transatlantic flights. You know what I’m talking about. As long as you have knitting or crochet spilling off your needles all is right in your world.

May 2018

Posted by Karen Damskey on 5/1/2018 to Sweater of the Month
May is upon us, almost halfway through the year, hard to believe as much of the country is still waiting for spring to arrive.  My garden is starting to bloom, but once again without the tulips and freesias that are still in paper bags in the garage. I kept meaning to spend a few days with my hands in the soil, but fall passed and it didn’t happen.  Time seems to move so quickly.
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