Pick A Knit2 Blanket Kit
Pick A Knit2 Blanket Kit

Pick A Knit2 Blanket Kit

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The kits have the printed pattern and 1,164 yds (5 balls) of U.S. Organic Cotton sport yarn weight.


Knit using #6 US Needles

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Appalachian Baby resized one of their favorite blankets into a square!  Then added two new colorways: Rosebud and Bluebell, along with our original Woodland.

It uses the same knit/purl stitches of basket-weave, zigzag rib and little checker as the original pattern, so it is a great project for a beginner to take her skills to the next level.  We rate this pattern as easy.

Errata 4/10/23:

We just became aware of a missing bracket in Row 3 of the Raglan Shaping Instructions on this sweater. The missing bracket is in red below.

Row 3 (Inc Row, RS): Kfb, [knit to 1 st before marker

ERRATA 6-9-22

 In the Raglan Shaping section, just after Rnd 17, it should read:

Rep last 2 rnds 6 (7, 8) more times.

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