Sunday Night Delight June 13th, 2021" />
"Wandering" (shown in Carnival)

Sunday Night Delight June 13th, 2021

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Lana Grossa's Gomitolo Felice


Knit using size #8 US needles

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This is a yarn you don’t want to miss. Gomitolo Felice is a whimsical Lana Grossa yarn that combines a narrow tape of 70% cotton ad 30% Viscose in wonderful, saturated colors. It all comes together on size 6 needles. The dying process allows for larger sections of color to waft and wonder through the piece, followed by narrower striping. The result is magical. We know “women want sleeves” and there is enough in the kit for a short sleeve, however if you want a ¾ sleeve or long sleeve order the sleeve package. We have added the pattern for sleeves to the kit.  

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