"Togetherness Wrap"
"Togetherness Wrap"

"Togetherness Wrap"

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Trendsetter's Recycled Linen Hand-Dye and Alfa


Knit using Size 11US needles

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 Trendsetters worked two very different yarns together to create a play on texture, color, and drape. One color of Trendsetter Yarns Recycled Linen Hand-Dye and pairs with two colors of Trendsetter Yarns Alfa, creating a stitch pattern, on size 11 needles,  where they can all play together in harmony and feed off each other. Perfect for the warmer seasons, these linen and cotton yarns will keep you cool with their silky texture and drape.

For this project Trendsetters wants to donate to a charity that touched us deeply and is meaningful to us. Feed America is an organization that hosts programs to provide meals for millions of families struggling with hunger. Every dollar raised helps support at least 37 million families who cannot afford the meals they need. A portion of all the profits from these kits will go to Feeding America. As our yarn feeds our souls let's work together to feed those who need our help.

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