Sweater of the Month March 2019<br>
"Tantalize" (shown in Olivine)

Sweater of the Month March 2019

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Prism's Layers Stuff and Symphony


Knit using size #8 US needles

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Laura Bryant of Prism Yarns created our beautiful new Ruana. Masking as a Brioche piece, it is really a simple 4 row Fisherman Rib pattern, worked in two colors making it totally reversible. She works it on size 8 circular needles and slides the stitches back and forth across the needles, so the yarn never has to be cut. We offer it in 3 different sizes. The one shown is the larger version. Note the gorgeous colors; flirting with spring is her new shade of Stuff, Carnivale. Laura coupled it with Symphony in the Hibiscus shade. We found it tantalizing. Choose your favorite color and your favorite size. 
Remember it is meant to be over-sized.

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Olivine (shown)


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