Sweater of the Month April 2020<br>
"Mixed Bouquet"

Sweater of the Month April 2020
"Mixed Bouquet"

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Trendsetter's Alfa and Ella Rae's Marmel


Knit using size 7 US needles

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Take a little bit of interest, fun new spring yarns mix it all together and what do you have? You have a recipe for a great knit and an even better addition to your spring wardrobe. Trendsetters’ Alfa, a blend of cotton and poly with a hint of metallic works the solid sections of the piece. Then we added Ella Rae’s Marmel a cotton, acrylic blend for the color work, with a simple stitch and put all of it on size 7 needles. Get ready for lots of fun. We’ve included L’Atelier exclusive buttons in this kit to add to the excitement.

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Small- Bust: 32/34”; Length: 24”
Medium- Bust: 36/38” Length: 26”
Large- Bust: 40/42” Length: 26”
XLarge- Bust 44/46” Length: 27”
2XLarge- Bust: 48/50” Length: 27”
3XLarge- Bust: 52/54” Length: 27”
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