"Spirit Lift"
"Spirit Lift" (shown in Blue Waters)

"Spirit Lift"

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Lana Grossa's Ecopunmo Degrade


Knit using size #6 needles

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Spring may feel faraway, however the Wisteria is blooming, and we're back in Daylight Savings, so it can't be far behind. Get ready for a much needed change of season with this lightweight pullover from Lana Grossa. They worked it in Ecopuno Degrade, a mix of 70% cotton, 19% Merino Wool and 11% Baby Alpaca. The colors tell the real story and we love them all. Worked on size 6 needles the easy lace pattern showcases the meandering shades of color. There is plenty of yarn to make it longer.  It needs to knit a bit oversized to create the feel. This one just feels like life will bloom. Pattern included.     

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