"Relaxed & Relevant"
"Relaxed & Relevant" (shown in Ivy)

"Relaxed & Relevant"

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Lana Grossa's About Berlin Vanity


Knit using size #8 US needles

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Take this last chance to knit the perfect knock around pullover. This slouchy piece compliments the easy wear fashion look that continues to dominate. Throw it on over yoga pants, shorts or your favorite pair of jeans. If your climate is like ours, this piece will work well into fall, then consider layering it. Or, ask us to add sleeves, 2 more balls will get you a long sleeve. The fiber is 54% bio cotton, 21% viscose, 13% silk and 12% poly. Worked on size 8 needles it is relaxed and relevant.  Remember it is a drop over fit and over sized, finished sizes will be appx 6 to  9” larger around than the actual bust size. 

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