Sunday Night Delight May 05, 2024" />
"It Takes Two" (shown in Carnation)

"It Takes Two" Pullover
Sunday Night Delight May 05, 2024

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Lana Grossa's Campo


Knit using size 8 and 4 US needles

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Happy Mom’s Day Everyone! For that mom on the go or one who leisurely watches the kids or the grandkids in the park our SND is the perfect choice. This sweater set works for everyone and is fun to knit. Worked in a combination of knits and purls, the design comes to life on size 8 and size 4 needles. Yes, it takes 2.  Done in a condo style stitch, i.e. one row on a larger size needle and one on a smaller. We suggest using an interchangeable of each, one at each end for this pleasing knit. Lana Grossa chose Campo, a 65% cotton, 25% viscose and 10% linen to bring this set to life. Of course, you can choose to do only one if that makes you happy. You can also mix up the colors.  The pattern is included in the kit.  We have great buttons so don’t forget to request our button package.

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