Sunday Night Delight May 16, 2021" />
"Fun Seeker" (shown in Primaries/Carnival)

"Fun Seeker'"
Sunday Night Delight May 16, 2021

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Lana Grossa's Gomitolo Felice


Knit using size #6 US needles

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Sometimes letting the yarn do all the work is the best bet when you want something simple to knit but great to wear. Our raglan style pullover from Lana Grossa fits the bill. Knit in Gomitolo Felice a 70% Cotton, 30 viscose narrow tape, continuous color change yarn, brings this pullover to life. It works in two colors in a simple 4 row color and simple drop stitch pattern. Do colorway shown or choose any two you want to put together. Any way you go we promise a great deal of fun. The kit includes the pattern and it is all worked on size 6 needles, bottom up construction. 

Need a longer sleeve? Just ask and we’ll provide the pattern

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