Filati Lino Book 2
Filati Lino Book 2

Filati Lino Book 2

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Summer + Sun = LINO

Our grandmothers certainly knew what they were doing when they changed to linen bedsheets for the warm summer nights. Its fibre structure makes it feel nice and cool, adjusting to the temperature of the skin. And it is this characteristic we very much appreciate for our new yarn combinations. However, a lot has happened in the processing since granny’s day. Nowadays, we combine the natural fibres with viscose made from linen, which makes the yarns lovely and soft and flowing, but still keeps the typically irregular character that the linen fans love. Whether knitted or crocheted in summery airy patterns and in lovely natural colour shades, the result is a fantastic midsummer look, enough to make you look longingly at the thermometer even when just browsing through the journal.


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