Sunday Night Delight February 4th, 2024" />
"Debbie's Bluebell" (Shown in Soft Gray)

"Debbie's bluebell"
Sunday Night Delight February 4th, 2024

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Sesia Bluebell


Knit using size #5 needles

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Looking for a bit of a challenge? Love lightweight sweaters knit on size 5 needles? Not afraid of pattern? This week’s sweater is the one for you. Our big hit a VK Live, this piece seems harder than it is. We chose Sesia Bluebell a blend of mohair and Silk to make it happen. The result is a piece you will always throw on. Knit it in an edgy color to accent or in your favorite neutral. It is oversized and drapey. The pattern is included in the kit. 

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