Sunday Night Delight April 10th, 2022" />
"Ciao Bella" (shown in Dark Neutrals)

"Ciao Bella"
Sunday Night Delight April 10th, 2022

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String Breeze and S. Charles Crystal


Knit using size #7 needles

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Stacy of String Yarns popped into L’Atelier this week and knits started blooming again. We all know the lure of a stripy and this ones beckons in a most pleasing way. 3 colors of Breeze, String’s blend of 60% cotton, 20 % Cashmere and 20% Silk gives it the body, then Stacy Charles’ Crystal, a be-sequined runner, adds the oh so Italian design feature. It all works on a size 7 needle worked in a combination of Garter stitches and Stockinette. We’ve put together several different color palettes, and remember this can easily be converted to a cardigan. Club Members save 25%. This might require an adventure into both. 

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