"Chuck & Mike" Snow People
"Chuck & Mike"

"Chuck & Mike" Snow People

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L'Atelier Exclusives' Versatile and Anny Blatt's Muguet


Knit using size #10.5 and #11 US needles

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Approx. 15.5" Tall- Will Vary

From the holiday snowfall of 2006 come our ever favoite snow people, Mike and Chuck. These whimsical buddies are constructed from 2 knitted and felted snowballs. We re vamp them this year with our new Versatile wool run with Anny Blatt's Muguet, a sparkle runner that brings the guys to life.  They work on size 10 1/2 and 11 needles and are super fun to make. Embellishments are not included, but as with any snowman, use your imagination. We include all the patterns for making the scarves and hats. I know you have leftovers hanging around. The kit makes one snow person, so if you want a village, ordeer as many as you wish.


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