Vintage Summer Days
"Summer Days" (shown in Fruit Salad)

Vintage Summer Days



Filatura di Crosa's Tempo, Trendsetter's Cin Cinand Autumn Wind Print

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Nothing is more fun in knitting than playing with fiber and color. We chose 4 great spring/summer fibers and combined them in a simple Horseshoe cable pattern to create our sexy little cardigan, perfect for any summer day or night. Wear it with a tank underneath to change the color and the mood of the piece. Cin Cin and Autumn Wind Print from Trendsetter along with Filatura di Crosa's Tempo are worked in 6 row repeats, separated with a peek of sparkle in Stacy Charles’ Crystal. The look is dynamite. Note our fabulous, exclusive L’Atelier carved  buttons to complete the magic.

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