Sunday Night Delight February 11th, 2017 <br>
"Big Bang" (shown in Present)

Sunday Night Delight February 11th, 2017
"Big Bang"

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


Baah Yarns' La Jolla and Tahki Yarns' Alden


Knit using size #6US circular needles

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L’Atelier meets Baah Yarns with a bang. Our easy to knit pullover is made with 6 different shades of La Jolla, Baah’s beautiful Merino wool, which create the striping, along with 3 Colors of Alden from Tahki, all on size 6 needles. The stripes are on the back too, so the fun stays even as you leave. The colors play with each other so pick brights or more muted. All colors have a Black sleeve. Everything goes with Black.

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