Sunday Night Delight April 15, 2018 <br>
"Success" (shown in Indian Summer)

Sunday Night Delight April 15, 2018



Lana Grossa's Primavera


Knit on size #15 US needles

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If you prefer to choose your knitting yarns going by the motto “No risk, no fun”, then with Primavera you’re not so well advised. This yarn can for sure be described as a low-risk investment. It doesn’t matter what you knit or crochet with this, it will always work out beautifully. This uncomplicated 100% cotton ribbon yarn is easy to work with and it’s machine washable. Our simple V-neck cardigan with Seed Stitch Bandings knits up on size 15 needles making this one a sure winner and ready for wear in a few weeks. Choose your favorite color and get ready for lots of fun.

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